Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Humble Pie or Tag Soup?

I had the privilege of hunting Montana recently, and, as always, the country humbles me. And I'm not just talking in that out-of-breath, burning legs, pounding chest, flatlander way. I always learn something on these western trips, and this one was no different. I learned that I will wear make up in the right situation.

Intermedia's Mike Carney joined me on the hunt, and as a dedicated stick bow shooter, he chooses face paint over a face mask. He has several good reasons for painting up, but none of them stopped me from kidding him about it...until I had to use it.

Left the camp minus my face mask, and with a sun drenched afternoon hunt ahead, shinny skin is a no-no. So I did what I had to and painted my face. Wouldn't you know that evening I shot a muley. And since it was all on camera I couldn't rush back and wash my face before Mike saw me. I chalked it up as doing what's necessary to make a shot happen.

Humble pie tastes way better than tag soup...

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  1. And you look at lot prettier when you wear it CJ. I really admire the eye shadow, too. You didn't get that makeup from me and I won't ask where, but don't don it anywhere near where they filmed Deliverance.