Friday, February 11, 2011

Livin' the Dream

Throughout the course of a year I get to work on a lot of cool projects and one of my all time favorites has been Nikon's Livin' the Dream magazine. In printed form the magazine is bound with the 2011 Nikon catalog and available at dealers across the country. But we wanted to do something special and expand on the content and interaction..... So Livin' The Dream digital was born.

There are hotlinks to products, advertisers and web addresses. We also linked videos to almost every article title. It's located on Check it out if you have a little down time.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy 100th Post!

I think everyone in the Chevalier Advertising headquarters in Oregon has finally recovered from whatever crud followed us home from the 2011 SHOT Show. I usually try to scout out the coolest/most unusual stuff at the shows. Remember ATA 2010?

As a waterfowl nut, I am totally stoked for Winchester Ammunition’s Blind Side! Watching Winchester Ammunition’s own Brad Criner demonstrate the capabilities of Blind Side at the Bass Pro Media Day was pretty neat.

The tightly packed and stacked Hex shot hit the ballistic gel like a ton of high-velocity tumbling bricks. The channel was massive on the gel from the Hex shot. Since the Hex shot is stacked, you’ve got 15% more shot pellets in a shell.

The math for me is simple:

More shot + Hex Shot + Massive Wound Channels = Happy Hunter!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Unstrung bows

This morning I crawled out of bed early, not to carry my bow into the woods for a hunt....only to unstring it. That act always means the closing of a hunt or a season, and in this case it was both.

Fortunately I did extended my season by hunting a friend's property in Alabama. It's a beautiful place that's loaded with deer and it gave me my first deer with a longbow. Something that has been much harder for me than tagging deer with my recurve. Not sure why as the mechanics of shooting both are very similar. However, the stars aligned and a healthy doe got a little too close.

But of course I'm bummed that deer season is officially closed for me now and I have no more options until this fall. Guess I'll have to make do hunting pigs until turkey season gets here....