Monday, February 1, 2010

The most interesting thing at ATA

I am finally digging myself out of e-mails, requests and press releases from the 2010 ATA and SHOT Shows. I always take a day for myself to walk around and see what is new and trending...the crazier, the better.

Bowtech made the top of my "will never forget" list at the ATA show in Columbus, OH. Bowtech had six tattoo designs to choose from and two tattoo artists in the booth ready to go. Bowtech footed the bill for your tattoo if you chose their design.

Everytime I walked by the Bowtech booth tattoo guns were buzzing and people were lined up to get their Bowtech Refuse to Follow tattoo.

I talked to one of the artists while he was working on a guy's arm. Between the two artists, they averaged 20-25 tattoos per show day and were booked solid.

Talk about branded for life, below is a YouTube video of two guys getting Bowtech ink while others wait their turn.

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