Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ballistics—There's an App for That

Got an iPhone? If so, well then go and download Winchester Ammunition's Ballistics Calculator from iPhone Apps for free.

If not...don't can still use it by going to Winchester's Web site.
The Web based calculator is live at

The iPhone version of Winchester’s Ballistics Calculator, which was just launched during the 2010 SHOT Show, allows you to choose the type of ammunition and compare up to three different Winchester products with easy-to-read, high-tech ballistic charts and graphs. You can customize shooting conditions by entering wind speed and outside temperature, adjust zero marks for sighting in.

Here's an image that explains what I'm talking about:

If you're going to be attending the NWTF convention in Nashville in a couple of weeks, stop by the Winchester booth for your chance to win an iPhone and other awesome prizes.

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