Wednesday, September 30, 2009

SHE Outdoor Apparel Photo Shoot

I had the opportunity last week to switch hats here at Chevalier Advertising and assist a photo shoot for the 2010 SHE Outdoor Apparel catalog. While my main role is PR, I also strive to learn all aspects of what our agency does. This was my first photo shoot and I learned so much!

I had the pleasure of working with Dennis Wise, Neil DaCosta, Emma Otsuka and Sarah Hutchinson from Studio 3 Inc. here in Portland. We started bright and early at 6a.m. on Friday at the Portland Yacht Club.

I learned the difference between a product shot versus a lifestyle shot, and how to style each one accordingly. The morning shoot focused mostly on lifestyle shots. I felt bad for the models because it was freezing out on the water!

It is fun going into a photo shoot with a list of shots you want to get, but the real treat is thinking on the fly, and coming up with different shots working with a variety of backgrounds.

Friday afternoon we went over to an island to shoot a few more lifestyle shots and most of the product shots. Between the morning session shooting on Greg Chevalier’s boat and the afternoon on the island, we got a large variety of shots.

I have to give a shout out to Emma from Studio 3, while on the island I was stung by a (rude) wasp on the head. Emma was such a sweetheart and got me an ice pack, antihistamine lotion and ibuprofen!

We wrapped up on Friday around 7p.m. Saturday we started again at 6a.m., this time we shot lifestyle photos on Robin Kizzar’s boat (creative director at Chevalier). We also got some great photos on the dock while the sun rising, simply amazing!

Like the day before, we shot more lifestyle/product shots on the island. I also got to “model.” Okay, so it was for footwear, but hey, now I am a model from the ankle down!

It was both fun and educational to switch job roles for a weekend. I am looking forward to the next steps and learning how to choose and edit photos for the catalog (we shot thousands of photos). Robin has shown me a few photos from the shoot, and I am super excited to see the final product!

A short video from the photo shoot

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