Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My Dream Hunt

If you could hunt any game, in any part of the world, what would it be?

I have asked this question countless times to my friends and colleagues. Many want to hunt dangerous game in Africa, some want to hunt grizzlies in Alaska. My dream hunt is dove shooting in Argentina with my family.

I have been told that the dove fields of Argentina are like Disneyland and the Super Bowl for wingshooters. Shooting a mountain shotshells in a single day, generous bag limits, experiencing a new culture and spending time with my family …count me in!

I picture us coming back to the lodge after an excellent morning shoot….each of us have cycled 500 (or more) shotshells through our trusty guns. We have worked up a good appetite and we feast on local foods and drink Malbec wine. We laugh and talk about the morning shoot, the shots that were hard and our goals for the afternoon. We may adventure out and explore the area and see what the local markets have to offer and a nap maybe on the agenda. Then, it is back to the dove fields and cycle another 500+ rounds through our guns.

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