Friday, September 11, 2009

Daily Life of a PR Specialist

Happy Friday! Today's blog is going to be a photo blog. It is a typical day here at Chevalier. CJ,
Jonathan, Kristin and myself make up the PR team at Chevalier.

CJ and Jonathan work from their satellite offices in South Carolina. I must say, CJ’s resembles more of a bow shop than an office!

Our primary roles at Chevalier Advertising are to assist the media and make sure they have the information and equipment needed to write their stories.

Did you know that Chevalier holds an FFL? Kristin is the resident ‘gun slinger’ at the agency. She is responsible for keeping our records up to date, shipping and receiving firearms as well as follow protocol from the ATF. This is not an easy task; Kristin does a great job maintaining our FFL.

These firearms came in today for the 2010 LaserLyte catalog photo shoot.

Kristin busily logging in the firearms

Taurus media samples live here

September is the beginning of our busy season. Between the four of us, we are writing press releases for 2010 new products, assisting in catalog creation, media hunts and getting product (and information) to the media.

This pile of press releases will grow over the next couple of months. All press releases are read by not only the PR associates, but by our CEO and CFO, once approved by Chevalier, they go to the client for review and approval.

We also help with partnerships between companies. Hunter Dan lives in our office plant, he of course is sporting his Nikon Monarch Binoculars!

What is an office without a little competition? Kristin and I graduated from rival Pac 10 schools.

I support the Oregon State Beavers

Kristin supports the Oregon Ducks

This is what a typical day looks like here in the PR office at Chevalier headquarters. Have a great weekend!

(CJ...can I PLLEAAASSSEE have your elk hunt?)

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