Friday, September 4, 2009

Plan, Plant and Pray

I haven't had a chance to sight in my rifle with Winchester Ammunition's new Power Max Bonded ( ammo yet, like I was mentioning in my last post, but I did manage to take advantage of the rain we got in SC a few days ago and was able to get the seed/fertilizer in the ground to provide a food source for wildlife after the acorns are gone this winter.

Whether you're a landowner with a large tract of land or small, it's important to manage your land for wildlife properly. The time (and money) you put into your hunting land is more valuable than you probably realize. Not only does it create a good habitat for wildlife, it also creates a place to pass on our hunting traditions to future generations.

When planting a food plot, it's important to do it right and not just throw out a bunch of seed and then cross your fingers. Here are a couple of tips that I try to follow:

1. Test the pH in the soil (contact your local wildlife extension agency)
2. Mix in enough lime into the soil to get the proper pH
3. Depending on the size of your food plot, broadcast the proper amount of fertilizer and seed.
4. Cover the seed
5. Pray for rain!!!

Obviously, these are just a few basic tips. I would recommend contacting one of the many conservation groups or your local wildlife agency for more information on proper land management and food plot planting tips.

With the help of my good friend, CJ Davis, we were able to successfully broadcast enough fertilizer, oats, wheat, clover and rye into three food plots we have on our hunting property.

Now all we can do is just hope that we get enough rain to help the seeds sprout and develop into some great food plots...and that it attracts some monster SC bucks that all of you midwest hunters dream about. Ha!

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