Tuesday, September 8, 2009

long weekend

Labor day weekend had always meant deer labor for me. Hanging stands, checking cameras, planting plots or last minute scouting...it's always deer related and this weekend was no exception. Sometimes I think I enjoy the preperation as much as the hunt. At the end of the day I still hope all the work will pay off in a good season with plenty of deer encounters.

Bill Winke at Midwest Whitetail (midwestwhitetail.com) has been talking about his hit list of bucks and that prompted me to share a couple of SC bucks. Being in Iowa he has the luxury of being really, really picky.

Here is SC we just don't get those bean fed giants. And you really have to let the area's potential determine the size of a trophy. A SC buck that reaches 4 years or older is certainly as tough to see, much less shoot, as any animal I've ever chased.

I love hunting and fortunately my job has taken me to some really great places. But when it comes down to my time I think my favorite is hunting whitetails with a bow around home.

............But that does not mean I'm giving up my elk hunt to Shannon!!

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