Tuesday, September 1, 2009

'Tis the season, almost

I really hate doing the whole "introducing me thing" so I'm just gonna skip that. My profile pretty much sums it up anyway.

Here in my part of SC our archery season opens on Sept. 15th and we're in the home stretch for sure. I already have a few stands up and my bows (yes, life would be so boring if you could only shoot one bow) tuned and dialed in. This year I'll be doing most of my SC deer hunting with a Morrison Dakota longbow. My wife surprised me with it this past Christmas.

How about all those redneck lawn ornaments?? Now that's good landscaping!!!

I've worked hard all summer to be proficient with my new longbow and I'm feeling pretty good should a SC booner (4-year or older doe) walk by within range. I still love shooting and hunting with my compounds but shooting my longbow just seems like a lot more fun this year.

Hopefully the weather will cooperate this week and Jonathan and I can get some food plots planted to help our chances even more.

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