Monday, September 21, 2009

Girls Day at the Range

Sheriff Jim Wilson wrote a great article in last months Shooting Illustrated (Sept. 2009) about self-defense. He says, "In American society, as a general rule, men accept the responsibility of providing protection and security for the women in their lives. When it comes to personal defense, however, this theory gets pretty weak because, regardless of our gender, we are each responsible for our own safety."
I completely agree and think Sheriff Jim would be proud as yesterday my mom and I brushed up our shooting skills at the The Baron's Den, a local gun shop and shooting range.
We had a great time shooting the Taurus SLIM (709) 9mm and Taurus Milenium Pro (111) 9mm. Shoot-N-C targets we placed 7-yards downrange and we went through about 150 rounds in one hour.
It would be foolish for my Mom and I to rely on anyone else but ourselves if our lives were in danger. Plus my mom and I are better shots than most of the men in our family anyway :)
If you are ever in Eugene, OR stop by The Baron's Den and say hi. They have a great selection of products, their staff is very knowledgeable and friendly and you can even rent a Tommy Gun to shoot at their indoor range. My mom and I also took our CHL class there.
Check back later in the week to read about Shannon and her moms' BOW pheasant hunt.

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