Friday, September 18, 2009

You Pay For What You Get

For years, Jason Gilbertson of Winchester Ammunition and myself, have always discussed how important it is to have the perfect fitting hat. Why do companies/organizations spend all this money on ugly hats or hats that don't fit right? Because they're cheaper!!! And then what happens when you put them in the store or use them as promo gifts? They either stay on the shelf in the store or end up at the bottom of someone's closet...or in the trash.

Hats are a great way to brand your company name or a product you're trying to sell. People pay attention to what other people are wearing, and if it looks good, people will notice and if it doesn't look good, people are going to notice. When you put out a product, make sure it's the best quality and something that people will want. Don't just get it because it's the cheapest hat (or product). As the old saying goes, "you pay for what you get."

I always thought that Ducks Unlimited had the best of anybody. Their hats fit snug and don't sit up on your head too high. They're not too bright in color, they don't have alot of wording and logos...they're simple...and they get their point across.

I see teenagers wearing DU hats everywhere. Some of them hunt and some of them don't. Some of them are members of DU and some of them aren't. They wear the hats because either they support the organization or they think it's a really cool hat. Bottom line—BRANDING!!!

Winchester Ammunition is not only stepping up their hat designs, but their entire gear selection, from apparel to hunting accessories to Winchester memorabilia.

Winchester recently launched a new online store called Check out this press release that tells more about the site and make sure you visit the store so that you can see for yourself all of Winchester's selections.

Winchester Branded Gear — Now Available Online!

Winchester Ammunition

Winchester® Ammunition recently launched its new and improved online store at, exclusively providing customers with the latest Winchester branded gear and seasonal products. Now, Winchester enthusiasts will be able to find apparel for men, women and youth, select hunting accessories and gift items like classic Winchester memorabilia.

"People all over the world have a strong affinity and high awareness of the legendary Winchester brand; and the online store is an excellent opportunity for us to get more quality Winchester items in the hands of our loyal customers," said Brett Flaugher VP of Sales and Marketing for Winchester Ammunition.

In addition, Winchester is also offering a special fall waterfowl promotion by providing customers with a $25 Winchester Gear Card when they purchase 10 boxes of either Winchester Super-X, Supreme, or Supreme Elite waterfowl loads. Customers can mix and match the ammunition lines to equal 10 boxes for the special offer.

For more information about the Winchester Ammunition online store, the 2009 waterfowl promotion and its complete line of products visit

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