Friday, October 2, 2009

Highlights from the 2nd annual High Plains Pentathalon

What else could we ask for…great weather,
great food, antelope, pheasants, prairie dogs and lots and lots of target shooting during the 2nd annual High Plains Pentathalon sponsored by Winchester Ammunition and Merkel.

This trip definitely had a lot of character…and characters.

While participating in the Pentathalon, I had several “firsts,” such as:

1. First antelope hunt

2. First antelope kill

3. First time tasting antelope (John Haviland did a great job cooking it)

4. First time I’ve ever shot .30-06 and .375 H&H double rifles

Here are a few images from the event/hunt:

John Haviland shooting sporting clays. He was quite the shooter. John broke 17 out of 25 targets. Nice work John!

Suzi Huntington sighting in her rifle with Winchester Ammunition’s Power Max Bonded ammo.

Not only is Brian Pearce a great long range shooter, but he’s not to shabby when shooting sporting clays either. He and Haviland were teamed up and both broke a lot of clay targets.

Shari LeGate showing us how it’s done on the double rifle course. There were three stations on this course (1. Still target, 2. Pop-up targets and 3. Running deer target). And yes…the target that Shari is shooting is actually moving. She did really well with her shot placement.

Dave Campbell admiring one of the pheasants he shot. He and I were paired up and we had the opportunity to hunt behind world class hunting dogs (Drathaars), trained by Roger Green of Wyoming.

After a week of shooting and hunting, it’s back to the office to prepare for Winchester Ammunition’s 2010 new product PR plans and for the SHOT Show. Hard to believe it’s only a few months away.

Remember…ya stay in the woods…ya stay outta trouble!

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