Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Break Up Letter

Dear Hoyt Kobalt,

I want to thank you for being such a great bow. We have been through a lot together. You were there for my first big game harvest and were also there when I had my epic miss on a great buck. When my shooting confidence was low you were consistent and always spot on and brought my confidence back up. I told you I would never replace you and would use you until your limbs fell off.

But, I need to be honest with you I have met another bow. The Hoyt Vicxen is designed to take a lady bowhunter like me to the next level. The feel of the Vicxen is heavenly and the draw is oh so smooth! The small details like the custom grip gives the Vicxen a feminine touch without being too girly. Did I mention it has an FPS of 306?

Don’t be sad Kobalt, this isn’t the end for you. I will still take you wherever I go as backup. Just realize the Vicxen is the new bow in town.

Your Good Friend,


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