Monday, November 2, 2009

Secure Your Firearms

Growing up my dad kept a pistol hidden in his closet to protect the family ... until we got robbed and it was stolen. Luckily no one was home, but it was definitely a wake up call. I am a big advocate that responsible gun ownership includes keeping firearms secure. Some will argue that there is no point in having a gun that is inaccessible. I agree that having your shotgun locked in a safe down the hall does no good when someone is trying to break down your bedroom door in the middle of the night, but today there are a lot of great products that offer security and accessibility.
Recently a family fried asked me for some suggestions about locking up his firearms and I was happy to help out. He has two handguns and a shotgun that were ironically hidden in the closet. Not the best security system. The friend wanted a solution that kept his firearms accessible in case of emergency that was also affordable.
The Handgun Solution - GunVault MultiVault 2000
The MultiVault offers optimum sucurity for handguns and valuables at an affordable price. This safe has a shelf which accommodated both handguns nicely. My friend also choose to place his passport and a family ring inside. MRSP: $169.95.
He choose the basic model to save a little money, but this safe is also available in a deluxe version, which offers a courtesy light and external power as well as a biometric fingerprint recognition version. To learn more about all of GunVault's great safe options and features click here.

We secured the safe under the bed to the the floor boards with provided screws. My friend chose an access code and that was it. Now for the accessibility part. My friend wondered how long it would take to arm himself if he heard an intruder in the middle of the night. So we turned off the lights and gave it a try. After a few practice tries he was able to go from sleeping to armed in less than five seconds. One could probably shave a couple of seconds off of that with the Bio version too.

The Shotgun Solution - GunVault BreechVault
My friend was not quite ready to purchase a large safe so we secured it with GunVault's new BreechVault. The BreechVault fits into the breech of popular shotguns and locks in place. The product allows the user to keep a round in the carrier while locked as well. While a large safe would be ideal, this is a great solution in the mean time for him. MSRP: $19.95.
So with GunVault for less than $200 retail we were able to secure all three firearms. For those of you that are numbers people that calculates out to about 10% the cost of the firearms. In my opinion to have your firearms safe and accessible is priceless.

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