Sunday, November 8, 2009

Burning Daylight

Last week I was in Seneca, South Dakota
pheasant hunting at R&R Pheasant Hunting
lodge with a group of outdoor writers. We (Winchester Ammunition) co-sponsored the hunt with Browning/Winchester Firearms and Danner Boots. While we were finishing breakfast, Nick Sisley, an outdoor writer, stood up, tapped his spoon on his glass, said "we're burning daylight, let's go," and just walked out the door. We all stood up and followed him right out the door and into the corn rows and milo fields for some excellent pheasant hunting.

We shot Over/Under Browning Cynergy's and Citori's, and Winchester 101 shotguns with Winchester Ammunition's Super-X Super Pheasant loads (2 3/4 inch, #4 and #6 shot). I can assure you that it's a lethal combo. If you don't believe me...check this out:

The Super-X Super Pheasant load is copper-plated with hard lead shot, high velocity, heavy shot weight, long distance and a pheasant killing machine.

We did shoot a few birds with the 3 inch loads, but the 2 3/4 inch loads were great because there wasn't as much recoil and we still got the job done.

To check out more on the pheasant loads we shot, go to:

Sal Roseland and his group of guides at R&R Pheasant Hunting had us walking up and down milo fields and corn rows, jumping birds and then laying them down. Their labs and pointers never missed a beat. As soon as a dead bird hit the ground, they were on it. The dogs were very well trained.

If you're thinking about going somewhere to pheasant hunt, I'd definitely put R&R on your list of outfitters to check out.

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