Thursday, October 8, 2009

Livin the Dream magazine

If you haven't seen this yet check it out on a newstand near you. Other companies have tried SIPs (single issue publications) in the past but none have tried this angle. Our industry celebs are always in demand so it seemed natural to offer fans some behind the scenes info. Livin the Dream does that and more. It's a pretty cool concept and one we're all excited to be involved with. Thanks to Intermedia for doing a great job putting it together.

Speaking of print, I've heard a lot of people lamenting that print is dead and I just don't agree with that.
Certainly in this economy some of the fluff has been trimmed but I'm not sure that's a bad thing. Furthermore, I'm always cautious when someone with a vested interest in only one side of an issue (they only do TV or only web, etc..) bad mouths the other. So I brought up the subject recently with Mike Carney, InterMedia's Sr Vice President

"Almost all of the major broadcast TV networks have experienced significant ratings drop offs with their horizontal approach, offering a wide-variety of loosely-themed programming for an ever splintering TV audience," said Carney. "Meanwhile, many of the vertically-focused cable TV networks, like Sportsman Channel and others, are having record years."

The same can be said for print products. "The broad-based editorial print products, like daily papers, news magazines and general interest titles, are truly struggling, but we've never been in that business," emphasized Carney. "InterMedia specializes in very niche, vertically-defined subject matter, like that found in Bowhunter Magazine, North American Whitetail Magazine, Guns & Ammo Magazine, and specialty content like Livin' The Dream, and delivers very detailed, in-depth information from real-world editors and experts, who live, breathe and eat the subject matter they cover on a daily basis."

More targeted approaches are the smart move now be it online, print or TV. Consumers have too many avenues available to get only the content and info they want. There's no reason for them to suffer through unappealing content.

Our media consumption is ever evolving and it certainly pays to stay current and try new ideas....just not at the expense of proven methods.

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