Tuesday, September 21, 2010

starting the season off

Author Tom Kelly would call it a "field expediency." My dad would say I "made do." I just knew I was not driving back to the house to get it and I am too old to hunt without it. So, I dug a motorcycle ratchet strap out of my truck and used it to tether myself to the tree. I figured if it will keep a 900-lb motorcycle on a trailer at 70mph it should keep a sweaty, 200lb bowhunter from falling.

In defense of my decision, I did have the vest, just not the tree strap.

The deer, the reason I was up the tree in the first place, decided to show up from an unexpected direction and winded me before it even got close to being in range.

And for the record, if it would have been my Thermacell I left behind, you can bet I would have gone back to the house and gotten it. I'm not that crazy....

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