Thursday, September 30, 2010

dialing them in

I love my back yard. And the reason is that while you might get a headache from a falling acorn, you can also shoot a bow, pattern a shotgun or even check a rifle's zero if need be. I do let my closest neighbor know that it's just me sighting in. He's a Police Officer and I wouldn't want him to think I was in a gunfight with a home invader.

Karen saw a new picnic table as a spot for quests and parties. I sat
down at it and saw it to be a great shooting bench. Plus I wouldn't have to move it in and out when I need it. Our wireless network means I can use my laptop and Nikon's Spot On
software (For client business only Greg, if you're reading this) to dial my particular BDC reticle in to the specific round I'm using.

This time I was checking a .243. I learned that with the Winchester XP3 load I am shooting it actual fits my needs better to dial it in for a 200-yard zero instead of the usual 100-yard one. I would not have considered that were it not for Spot On being right there beside me showing me the light. Now the reticle chart is printed out and taped to the stock, ready for action on a longer range.

Even if your range isn't wireless, it won't be long before you can use Spot On on your iPhone or get a disc to load it on your laptop.

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  1. I'm jealous. I'm lucky to sling a few arrows in my backyard before the local constabulary shows up! Can't wait to bail out of this city life and head for Texas!