Monday, October 17, 2011

The Best Warranty For Safes

Chevalier Advertising has handled the marketing, PR and advertising for Cannon Safe for many years. We have always promoted their warranty as “the best one in the industry.”

I challenged their warranty and put it to the test. In the PR office we have a 2004 Dangerous Game series safe. This safe is opened and closed multiple times throughout the day, much more often than your typical residential safe. Recently, the safe would not lock consistently when closed. The safe worked, just caused a minor inconvenience to my day. As it was Friday at 4:30pm, this was the perfect opportunity to challenge Cannon’s Lifetime warranty.

Disclaimer: Not once did I specify who I was, or what my relation was to Cannon. I wanted to experience this as an average consumer.

I called the 1-800 number on the door panel of the safe. No automated menu to navigate, but instead, a real live person picked up on the second ring, “Cannon Safe, how may I direct your call?” I was immediately connected to a “Level 1 Customer Service Representative.” They were very patient and clear with their trouble shooting directions. We did the obvious: new battery on the keypad and made sure the door was clear of obstructions. When the problem was not solved, I was transferred to a “Level 2 Customer Service Representative.” After additional troubleshooting, it was determined that an authorized locksmith would need to come see the safe in person. The customer service rep took down my information and told me one of their locksmiths would be in touch with me to schedule an appointment. The call to Cannon took all of about 10 minutes.

Shortly after, I got a call from the local locksmith. They were available immediately and offered to be at the Chevalier office in 15 minutes. Now being 4:45pm on a Friday, I asked if we could schedule an appointment early the following week. The locksmith happily scheduled an appointment at my convenience.

On Tuesday morning, the locksmith and his apprentice got to work on troubleshooting the safe. They pulled off the door panel and exposed the inner workings of the safe. I learned that Chevalier’s safe had endured so much wear and tear, that one of the bolts was slightly rubbing against another part, which was why the safe had a difficult time locking consistently. The locksmith told me he was going to have to order the right part from Cannon, as he did not have one in stock. Before leaving, he made sure the safe could still unlock, open, close and lock.

The local locksmith called throughout the week to let me know the status of the part. A few days later, the same locksmith was back with the new part. It was installed, tested and ready to go within an hour. Also while working on the safe, he never once asked for the combination. I did not have to pay for any of his services either, it was all covered by Cannon.

A nice touch to everything was the follow up call I received from Cannon two weeks after I placed my initial call to customer service. A customer service rep called from Cannon to make sure I was satisfied with the repair.

Overall, I was very impressed with Cannon’s lifetime warranty. They were courteous from the first call and followed through with a great local locksmith to fix the safe in-house and free of charge. I am proud that Chevalier Advertising represents a company that stands behind their warranty and products.

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