Thursday, March 10, 2011

Early Opening to Turkey Season

Florida is a destination for a lot of people but it interests me for one reason only....Osceola turkeys. When I worked for the National Wild Turkey Federation I help trap and transfer some birds once but had never hunted. Thanks to an invite from good friend Greg Gatto, that was all about to change.

I was lucky enough to have Ray Eye to help with the calling for me and videoing the proceedings for Outdoor Life's Chasing Spring. Actually, when hunting with Ray you have to work pretty hard to get a yelp in....he does love to call. A trait I admire in a turkey hunter. The hunt also served as another chance to put my Nikon Turkey Pro scope and Xtended Range shells to the test. Happily I can report it all worked as planned.

The bird was a good one even by Osceola standards, sporting spurs well past the inch mark. And he completed my Grand Slam. A great trip with some good friends.

If you go, even this early in March, do not forget your Thermacell. You'll thank me for reminding you.

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