Monday, November 1, 2010

CO Hunt a Success

I just returned home from a great mule deer and antelope hunt in Colorado.

WinchesterAmmunition, Browning/Winchester Repeating Arms, Mossy Oak and Under Armour teamed up to host a cold, snowy, successful hunt.

We hunted in Craig, Colo., with Dick Dodds of Elkhorn Outfitters (

We tested a variety of calibers in Winchester's Power Max Bonded line and their new Power Core 95/5 line, which is a lead free (copper/zinc) product that will be available in 2011.
  • Power Max Bonded: 270 Win, 270 WSM
  • Power Core 95/5: 30-06 and 300 WSM
The animals were taken from 80 yds to 400 yds and the ammo performed great. Not to mention, the guys we were with could shoot. Most of the shots were taken around the 200 yd mark.

We were able to recover a few of the bullets. Here's the 300 WSM Power Core 95/5 bullet that was recovered from John Taranto's (Outdoor Life) mule deer.

As you can see, all four petals are still attached and are rolled back perfectly. Nearly 100% of the weight was retained from this shot.

We are only days away from launching Winchester's 2011 new product line, so keep your ears and eyes open for the latest information about their new product.

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