Monday, July 19, 2010

2010 Bowcast at the Bird

This month I had the opportunity to fly to Salt Lake City, Utah to attend Bowcast at the Bird. Bowcast is an online community and host to podcasts targeted for the high-octane extreme bowhunter. Every summer, Bowcast hosts a 3D shoot at the Snowbird ski resort. This shoot is unlike any other 3D shoot out there. Think four different courses above 10,000 feet, targets that simulate real western hunting, shots that humble the most seasoned hunter and a great group of people.

I will admit, there were nerves mixed in with my excitement. This was my first 3D shoot ever. I was also going alone and did not have the comfort of knowing whom I was going to shoot with.

While I couldn’t shake my nerves on the practice line, I did meet Carrie Z, a Bowcast blogger. Every once in a blue moon you find that person that you just click with. Carrie and I decided we need to share a blind this year. We also met up with a few other Bowcast damsels and shot the courses.

I had a blast hiking the Utah alpine (granted my lungs were not happy with the elevation change). We would scale rock croppings and shoot a bear (target) downhill 40.8 yards in between two trees. We would be walking along a ridge, and 50 yards away would be a muley (target) across a small canyon with a strong wind blowing. One of my favorites, a hog (target), just below a grass hill about 35 yards, only his top half is showing.

Every target was a different challenge. You had to assess the scenario and surroundings, go back to the fundamentals of bowhunting (breathe, anchor the same, squeeze the release, don’t drop your arm, etc.).

Every group I shot with was a great experience. I shot with people from all over the United States. We shared hunting stories and life stories. We traded tips and even gear. My shooting skills were challenged and the courses were physically demanding…and I liked it!

If you are looking for a 3D shoot unlike any other out there, and if you want to meet a great group of welcoming bow fanatics, book a flight to Salt Lake City, Utah for Bowcast at the Bird 2011. I for sure will be there!

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  1. We are glad you had a great time... See you next year.