Wednesday, January 27, 2010

It never gets old to me

Sunrise this morning found me in my truck listening to a Pat Green CD while driving to Alabama. Despite a long show season, preceded by a less than stellar hunting season, I still bounced out of bed and left way before I planned. My excuse was to miss the Atlanta traffic, but it was really because I was so ready to hunt I couldn't sleep.

ATA and SHOT are great shows, although very demanding, but I like the timing for SHOT this year. As in year's past when SHOT is finished before the end of Alabama's deer season, I can usually talk Nikon's Jon LaCorte into letting me "borrow" a show sample to bring down and field test.

This time I was able to talk him out of an M223 riflescope in 3-12X42 with the Rapid Adjust Turret. Hopefully I can test it on a coyote or two as well as on the range. I'm also expecting the new Playmate feeding Whitetail Decoy from Montana Decoy. Can't wait to see how these rutting Alabama bucks react to it. I'm hunting with outdoor writer Bob Humphrey and I'll try to post a few updates as to how we're doing.

Whoever said "Never make your hobby your job," certainly wasn't a hunter....

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