Wednesday, December 23, 2009

This morning my office was a layout blind in Sherwood, Oregon on the edge of a flooded field. Not a bad way to start the long weekend. I hunted with Mossy Oak and Columbia Decoys representative Mario Friendy, his black lab Money and good Chevalier friend Dave Johnson.

We met before sunrise on a piece of property southwest of Portland. Mario set up the decoys while Dave and I got comfortable in our layout blinds. I got teased when I settled in with my camo covered memory foam seat cushion, but I like to hunt in comfort!

It was really foggy this morning and visibility was not on our side, but we did get some nice Pintails and Shovelers. I did have a diver that would do fly bys and really challenge me and my shooting, never did get that dang diver, but we got a good laugh at all the passes he made in front of me!This was also great practice for my Ducks Unlimited hunt next month in Stuttgart, AR with Winchester Ammunition.

Overall, this morning was great. Great company and great shooting, what more can a girl ask for?

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